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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stirling Castle and Falkirk Wheel

Tuesday we planned a day of exploration outside of the city.  We got up early (helping to motivate all of us was the fact that at 8:30 am the parking laws were being enforced and we didn't want to pay for parking) and got out of dodge.  Our first start was a modern engineering marvel called the Falkirk Wheel.  It is the worlds only rotating boat lift.  It was built to replace a lock system.  We decided to go ahead and pay to ride it; it was pretty darn cool.

After the brief boat ride, we went on to Stirling Castle.  They have started a project to recreate a famous set of tapestries and we actually saw them working on it.  Each tapestry takes four years to complete.  It was amazing. They have also done a large amount of reconstruction as the castle was used by the British Army in the early part of this century and much of the historical architecture was damaged during that period.  However, some amazing stuff got accidentally conserved, like a wall that has its original paint from the 15th century!  Stirling Castle also sits on top of a large hill, with the city down around its feet.  Those Scots sure did know what they were doing.

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