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Friday, April 9, 2010

Three is a Magic Number

Dearest Leila-Noodle,

It's finally here!  The day you have been discussing, for several months, with anyone who asks how old you are.  "I am TWO! (holds up two fingers) And on Apwil ninth I will be THWEE!"   Oh so proud, oh so knowledgeable, oh so Grown Up.  You let us all know that you wanted a chocolate cake.  You didn't care what it looked like, just so long as it was chocolate cake, with chocolate icing.  You also announced that you wanted homemade pizza for your birthday dinner.  This year you really *got* your birthday.

Of course, it is difficult for me to believe that you are three.  Three is not a baby, three is middle toddler-hood.  Three is when you do everything on your own, come hell or high water.  Except, of course, when you don't want to do it on your own and then your parents should have to do it for you.  Right. Away.  And since you have three bigger people who have practically done everything you wanted since the moment you were born, you are somewhat used to getting your way.

I shouldn't make out like you are a tyrant.  You are adorable and outgoing.  You love, love, love to interact with new people.  You often randomly wave to strangers who make eye contact with you in the grocery store.  You will talk anyone's ear off, given the opportunity.  You are free with hugs and smiles.  You love a long cuddle and a good book, combine the two and you will sit still for hours.

Speaking of books, you are continuing in your sibling's footsteps with your love of reading.  We go to the library every two weeks and every time, you zero in on one or two favorites which you proceed to mostly memorize through my reading them over and over again.  We all know you memorize them because you have taken to acting out bits of the stories that you find particularly riveting.  I adore hearing you "read" along with me or hearing you act out your favorite lines.    

Not only do you demonstrate an amazingly outgoing personality, but you have impeccable comic timing and people sense.  You seem to be a natural born performer.  You have an uncanny ability, even now, to use laughter to turn a situation to your advantage.  Big eyes, crazy faces and funny hand gestures are all in your repertoire of attention-seeking and distraction.

You constantly amaze me with your observations and memory.  I absolutely adore holding your hand, walking anywhere and listening to you talk.  "Mommy, did you know buses have gypsies (we call our sat/nav "gypsy") too?  Look in this car we are red.  In this car we are blue.  In this car we are silver. (she was commenting on how our reflections changed colors depending on the car that she saw them in) I saw a doggy in the last car.  Do you like doggies, Mommy?"  It mostly makes sense and it's all pretty clear.  I love knowing exactly what goes on in that three-year-old brain of yours.

After the mild initial trauma of going to school, you are now loving it.  You do know how to tug on my heart-strings (or at least how to try) and you often will remark as I am picking you up, "I wanted you today."  But I know you enjoy it because you tell us all about the songs you've been singing and the toys you played with and the crafts you did.  I think it is good for you to go and be your very own little person, dealing with the world on your own terms.

For all the difficulty that being three brings, three is a magic number.  And I am so excited to see where three takes you You take three.
Happy Birthday, Princess Leila.
I love you, Noodle!

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