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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Cakes!

I recently realized that I hadn't posted pictures of the kiddos birthday cakes from the last year!  I'll have to make sure I do it in closer proximity to the birthdays next year.  Dadam and I made all of them, except Leila's which was made by GranEde, GranDude and me.
Isaac wanted an "american football cake".  So we made a field with one endzone for the Cowboys and the other for the Broncos.

Elie wanted a rainforest cake with a waterfall.  I experimented with making fondant and it really didn't turn out well.  It was really, really soft.  We had to resort to two-dimensional shapes which we stuck to the sides of the cake. 

For weeks before her birthday Leila was telling us that she wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate flowers.  At least she knew what she wanted, right?  So we experimented with marshmallow fondant and made it chocolate.  GranEde made some very cute decorations to go on top.

Talia's order was simple; a princess castle cake.  I had bought this castle set to make a cake for Elie and while it doesn't really score any points for amazing cake creativity, it works well and isn't prohibitively time consuming.  She wanted pink, but we could only find red and blue sugar sprinkles.  So it's a bit multicolored. 

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