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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Canal Side Caching

This afternoon we took a bike/hike along a canal that runs down in the valley that our house sits above. I think it took us longer to get the cars and stroller into the van, than it did for us to drive down there! (Note to self: we NEED a bike carrier for the car!)

It was a very grey and blustery day, but the grass was green and the scenery was beautiful. We saw several canal boats, most of which looked as though they were being lived on, and lots of cows and horses.

We also did a canal-side series of caches, which was fun and had a 100% success rate (always a good thing).

Talia still isn't quite to total independence on the bike yet, so an adult gets their daily excercise by running next to her and giving some help. At one point, Dadam was behind with Leila and I was ahead with the others. We stopped near a field where some horses were grazing. As we sat down to watch them, one of the females came over and stuck her head on to the embankment where we were sitting. She smelled us all, we kept our fingers to ourselves, and then she stood and nibbled the grass all around where we were.

We saw fishermen and cows. And threw dandelions in the canal It was a fabulous afternoon outing!

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