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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Dear Talia,

It's sort of funny to me that you are only turning five today.  I suppose that I stopped thinking of you as four when you started full-time school in the fall.  It was difficult for me to think about a four year old going to school all day, having dressed themselves in their uniform in the morning, buying lunch and learning to read and write.  So in my mind, you've been five since September.  But here you are anyway, actually turning five!

I think this year has been an amazingly easy transition for you. You have handled all the changes with your quiet, nothing-really-phases-me attitude.  Your teachers speak of your incredible kindness and ability to play with most any of the children in the class.  You are cheery and pleasant.  I have heard over and over what a delight you are.  You have also made amazing strides in reading and maths.  I think there is very little you enjoy more than reciting the addition facts that you have memorized.  Your reading is amazing, not only have you grasped the fundamentals of reading very quickly, but you have naturally incorporated expression and interpretation.

I must immodestly say, that none of this comes as any surprise to me.  You do not like being in trouble and will do just about anything to avoid the discomfort of a confrontation.  Subsequently, you mostly stay out of trouble.  Of course, you have also figured out that if you fly low on the radar, you can get away with a fair amount.  Your quiet demeanor hides a multitude of crafty ideas and I know you do your fair share of mixing up trouble.

But you are not malicious and you love to play with your siblings.  You also love a good cuddle and a good book.  Running and screaming are also favorite pastimes of yours, which contrast greatly with your private personality.  You are eager to help and pitch in willingly (except when it is time to put your clothes away in your drawers). 

I am always mindful of the fact that you have a very quiet streak.  I try not to allow you to become the missing middle.  Making sure that you have time and space to speak your mind, share about your day and ask your questions has become something we have to work even harder on and I hope we are doing an alright job. 

You are learning to ride your two wheeler and doing a great job.  I know you are tired of sitting in the bike trailer with Leila; you are ready to be out and seeing the world on your own terms.  This year has seen some amazing advances for you in terms of bodily awareness, although you continue to have a tendency to careen into stationary objects and trip over nothing.

I love how you sing quietly to yourself.  I love how you smile.  I love your questions (when you get some room to ask them).  I love how your blue eyes sparkle.  I love listening to you read signs we drive by.  I love watching you run, full tilt, arms wide.  I love you. 

Happy Birthday, MissyLuLu. 
I love you!

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