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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving On

Moving over to the UK was a very stressful situation.  When we arrived, we struggled to find a house we liked in a location we liked.  It was very messy.  The base was less than supportive and time was running out when we found this fabulous and amazing house.  It had loads of personality, functionality and general coolness.  Of course, as in all things in life, there were trade offs.  It was far away from the school and I was spending 20 mins each way to pick up the kids.  When we wanted to go to after-school activities the distance made that sort of thing difficult.  Having play dates was challenging because we were so far away people didn't want to come pick up their kids and we didn't want to have to drive them home. 

In February we got the news that someone had made an offer on the house and we were likely going to have to move.  Angst followed.  There was great wailing and gnashing of teeth.  I did want to move, I didn't.  I did, I didn't.  I didn't, I did.  I did, I did, I didn't.  What if the house didn't sell, would we renew our lease?  I just did. not. know. 

I started seriously looking for a new house and found zero choices that would work.  We realized that we really did need to be IN the community near the school, so I narrowed down the area we were going to look.  I saw large houses with non-existent gardens, homes with tiny rooms and even smaller kitchens.  It wasn't a hopeful experience. 

All the while I was waffling back and forth over whether or not we should commit to moving if we didn't have to.  One day I had had enough.  I needed to make a decision and move forward.  Dadam and I talked; we would move no matter what.  Shew.  Decision made, now I had to find a house. 

At pickup one day, I was chatting with another mom about our dilemma.  She said she knew a family who was having a house built for them and couldn't sell their current house.  Maybe they'd be interested in renting?  She talked to them, came back to me and I went and looked at it. 

It was the first house I'd seen that would fit us, and all our assorted crapola, comfortably.  Decent garden, quiet location, close to school, enough square footage, check all around.  Blah, blah, blah discussion and stuff.  We made a deal and shook on it.  We are moving in the beginning of July. 

There has been a fair amount of sadness/nervousness/displeasure on the part of the kids.  This house is fabulous and the new house is not the same.  There are many positives to the new house: we can ride our bikes to school, ride our bikes in the driveway, have friends over for playdates, and be more social in general,there is a sewing room/office and a nice flat garden to play sports.  And, of course, there are negatives:  the kitchen is smaller, the garden is not as dynamic, the rooms are smaller.

 I think part of the problem for the kids is that when we went to see it, it still had the other family's stuff.  I find it hard to vizualize how the space will look empty and I'm sure it is difficult for them.  I think the other part is that moving twice in one year is a difficult process.  It sure isn't fun for Dadam and I. 

Mostly, I just want to be done.  I want to get settled in the new house and start experiencing all the positives that it has to offer.  The beginning of July seems like ages from now.  There are already boxes scattered around and chaos is taking over.  I am sad to be leaving this fabulous house, but I know the new house holds new promise. 

And it turns out that this house *did* sell, so we were going to have to move anway.  Yes, we've signed a two year lease this time. 

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