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Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Liners

A few weekends ago we went on a caching hike around a few local reserviors.  It was a beautiful day, warm and summery.  When we go caching we try and observe the "cache in, trash out" motto that geocaching has.  We always bring "carrier bags" (or plastic bags as we call them in the states) to pick up trash we see on the trail.  Unfortunately, there was a fair amount of trash on the trail and so Dadam was carrying a pretty full bag of trash.  Leila said to him, "Daddy, what are you carrying?"  And Dadam said, "I'm carrying a shopping bag with trash in it."  Puzzled, Leila said, "Why did we buy trash?" 

There is a crematorium that we drive by on the way to our house.  I have been repeatedly surprised that no one has asked any questions about it, but the other day it finally happened.  "What's a crematorium, Mommy?"  Elie said from the back seat.  I told them what it was.  Isaac piped up and said, "So, it's like an incinerator for bodies?"  Uhhhh, yeah.  Just like that.

At dinner the other night Talia announced that she was going to marry Asher.  "Asher and I are going to marry so that we can have babies."  (Except she pronounces it "Ashah" because she is quickly loosing her American accent.)  I choked on my food. 

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