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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Loads of Fun

(Disclaimer: this post is entirely unrelated to children. I'm just sharing because it's something I'm doing and enjoying!)

A friend of mine is a cancer survivor. She recently put out a call asking if anyone knew where she could get a survivor sun hat. Because I don't have enough to do, I really admire and like this woman and I like a challenge, I offered to make one for her.

I asked her what colors she would prefer and started searching. I could not find bright colored cotton canvas anywhere.

Fast forward to today when I finally made time to go down to "The Markets" and pester the fabric sellers to see if any of them had what I was looking for. I came up emtpy handed. BUT, at the last place I stopped the very helpful stall owner suggested buying some white cotton canvas and dyeing it whatever colors I wanted!! BRILLIANT!

I bought the fabric and then procured this amazing fabric dye from the stall she directed me to. You put the dye in the washing machine with some salt and your fabric. Turn it on and go!! It is designed just for front loading washers.

This afternoon, I put this:

In to the wash with this:

It's got a promise on the inside that it won't damage my machine or ruin subsequent washes.

Currently the wash looks like this:

(It really is blue, it's just hard to tell!)

I'll be posting about my results, but I cannot wait to sew up this completely one of a kind, handmade down to the color, fantastic sun hat!!!

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  1. Wow! Beautiful color! And what a lucky friend you have. ;)