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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monkey See. Monkey Do.

Moving has been a mixed bag for me.  I was happy to be closer to the community where we are active, but I l.o.v.e.d. the house we were living in.  When we settled on this house, I knew it would accomodate us, yet I continued to be negative.  I was even negative within ear shot of the children. 

Major Mommy Mistake. 

Elie pics up on every.single.little.thing.  I am not exaggerating.  Even when we think she's not listening.  She is aware and processing and recording it all in her brain. 

At every turn I was worrying in front of them, about the size of the kitchen, seeming lack of storage space, poor view, etc etc.  Generally I was being very negative and I was not paying any mind to who was around me. 

Of course, the outcome of all my moaning is that Elie decided moving was a Bad Thing.  And she began to complain about it lots too.  Wake up call to Mommy, time to shut up and move on.

I started to talk up the move, how exciting it was, what fun it would be to live close to everyone.  Thankfully she picked up on all that and forgot about my previous poor attitude and bad influence.   Dadam and I worked really hard to have their bedrooms set up completely the first night we were here and all the kids were incredibly excited to run around, explore and experience the new house.  They were so excited they could hardly go to sleep and they all woke up extraordinarily early the next day.

To top off all the goodness, two days this week we have walked/ridden bikes to/from school.  That is is HUGE hit with Elie and Isaac. 

I think it will work out this time, but in the future I must remember that anything I say or do, they will mirror.  Monkey see. Monkey do. 

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