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Saturday, July 24, 2010

School's Out for Summer

Yes, that's right.  Just now, on Friday, was the last.day.of.school.  IT'S THE END OF JULY!?!?!?!  Actually, weird headspace aside, the school schedule rocks.  Over here, they have moved on to the 21st century and created an almost year round school schedule.  During the year, the kids go six weeks, have a one week break, go six weeks have a two week break, etc.  It makes the school year fly by.  There are no interminable lengths where it feels as though you are going to have to awaken at the crack of dawn forever and the kids get some regular time off.  I really think everyone is better for it.

But it does mean that we only get a measly five weeks off for summer vacation.  Five weeks?!?  This is hardly enough time to burn out on every single activity in the house, drive your siblings crazy with 24 hour over exposure, complain of boredom and make your mother wish that she could move time forward to the beginning of school. 

To be fair, there is plenty in this area to keep us busy.  I've got a big list of fun day trips that I'd like to take the kids to go and do.  Plus we are going to do swim lessons and keep up with our piano.  Add to that keeping fresh with some of our school lessons (Hebrew for everyone, handwriting for Elie, reading for Talia) and I imagine that this five weeks is going to fly by. 

Then another year will start and, in the blink of an eye, I'll be posting about the end of next year. 


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