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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sew It Up

I am a craft procrastinator.  I'll become inspired by something (fabric, magazine articles, blogs, things I see in the store, etc), purchase what I need to create said project and then the motivation quits. As a result I tend to get quite a backlog of ready to create *things*.  In addition, for years now, I've had an infant hanging around at one stage or another.  I think this also added to my lack of motivation because there is nothing that makes you feel like doing nothing (but eat, sleep and nurse) like an infant.

However, now we are out of infants and with the dawning of the purse adventure, I've become much more industrious with what little time I have for myself.  It feels GREAT!  In the last week I've dyed fabric:

(This was the washing machine dye fabric from the last post.  The colors are AMAZING, completely true to the box AND the washing machine has absolutely not bled any color on post-run-loads.  I will definitely be using this again!)

Finally sewed up a waistcoat for Isaac (I've had the fabric for two years now):

Made peasant blouses and a-line skirts for Elie and Talia (modelled after a blouse and skirt that Leila has) :

(I only had this fabric for a couple of months.)

And made a prototype hat for the above dyed fabric!

(The stripy hat is the prototype, the purple hat is one I own that I was using as a model.)

(Now I am going to brag for a moment, so skip this bit if you are offended by me tooting my own horn.)  I am really proud of the fact that the two outfits for the girls and the hat were all made without a pattern.  That is, I drew up patterns all by myself.  Whee!!!!  It has been a very liberating (somewhat frustrating) process, but I am really excited by this new step in my sewing capabilities.

Sew there you have it.  Creativity oozing out my fingertips.  Now I just have to tear myself away from the machine and make sure that the kids and I take plenty of opportunities for day trips.  Balance is good, moderation in all things.....

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