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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Deep in The Deep

Yesterday we took our first day trip in a very long time and drove over to Hull to an aquarium we had heard good things about.  It was a quiet drive and once we found the aquarium, a great day out. 

We got to see some amazingly large sting rays, nurse sharks and brain fish.  There were interactive exhibits and all sorts of aquatic life to see big and small.  We even arrived at the large tank in time to see feeding at the shallow part and the kids really enjoyed that. 

Talia was probably most enamored with the civil ceremony wedding that was due to take place in front of the large tank.  She must have asked fourty questions, all about weddings and wedding ceremonies.  It was hilarious.  She even wanted to stay and witness the proceedings, but we were done with the aquarium and it was still 30 mins from happening so we vetoed that. 

I think Elie and Isaac really liked the huge tank.  As we were leaving, the stairway back up takes you right by the tank.  And you can stop at each landing and stand and watch.  Most people were opting for the lift that carries you through the tank, but I think walking turned out much better for us because then we could dawdle and watch for as long as we wanted. 

Leila was most taken with the jellyfish.  She sat in front of the round opening, head pressed to the glass, and stared at their backlit invertebrate bodies dancing in the dark water.  She tried to "catch" them by holding her hand against the glass.  Then she stared some more. 

I was fooling around with the camera and not looking at the tank, when all the kids started raising a ruckus.  I said "Why are we all screaming?" and looked up.  And gasped, because right in front of the window was a huge sting ray swimming flat on the glass.  Everyone giggled. 

Ah, it's nice to be out and exploring again.  More on the agenda for next week!  Plenty of adventures to be had. 

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