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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maize Maze

Last week the kids and I went to a well advertised corn maze not far from our house. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but we took a picnic and met some friends. We ended up spending all day there!

There was a large playground; one section was sand and climbing structures and the other was just climbing structures. There was a giant bouncing pillow, which was like a trampoline but shaped like a big pillow. An inflatable maze and two giant inflatable slides rounded out the inflated entertainment.

Of course, there was a huge themed maze, cut in to a field of corn. This year's theme commemorated when Great Britan was attacked by the Nazis. The maze was in the shape of a spitfire and British flag. Every year they choose a theme, usually it is historic, and they have a picture history of every maze since it began.

To make the maze a bit more challenging. (Or to add some motivation so that people actually finish the maze.) There are a series of questions posted in the maze. The questions are posted on the bottoms of tall towers that each have numbers. Before the maze begins, there is a posted question. To find the correct answer, maze goers are supposed to find tower number one. At that tower the answer is posted and question number two is posted. If you locate all the towers, you'll have a number letter code which can be used to open a box. There you drop your completed forms to be entered in a drawing for a prize. Who knows if we'll win, but it was fun to navigate through the corn to find the answers!

We took a bizarrely themed hayride with some "escaped monkeys" tormenting the hay-riders by squrting them with water. But we skipped the pig races and animal feeding. (Everyone was more interested in the inflatable slide.)

The kids really enjoyed the maze of optical illusions. There was a load of shrieking and laughter at the crazy mirrors.

We did get rained on, but this seems to be the price one pays for doing out of doors activities in England. Everyone had a great time and we returned home tired and muddy.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Wish we could share it. Looking forward to having you all live near us!