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Friday, August 13, 2010


Last summer when we arrived, it became clear we were going to miss the u-pick season. The one thing I did manage to get were some lovely apples from a coworker of Adam's who is renting a house on a farm. The kindly landlady had told them they could use as much of what was growing in the garden of their house as they wanted. And they shared with us.

This summer I definitely wanted to go picking and make preserves. The kids and I picked a dry morning, gathered our plastic buckets and headed out to pick some raspberries and whatever else we wanted.

(Side note: I would LOVE to do some sour cherries, blueberries and peaches BUT they don't grow here!!!! All the blueberries are grown in France and the peaches as well. The cherries only come in very expensive and sweet and are all the way from Oregon!!!)

We ended up struggling to find as many raspberries as we wanted. They were very picked over. Because so much looking was involved, the kids lost interest fairly quickly. I did manage to convince them to use their proximity to the ground to see ripe berries that had been missed, but that involved cooperation and was short lived. We managed to pick a fair amount and headed back to pay.

As we were walking back, Elie asked me to point out where the rhubarb was. I didn't see any and so we asked at the weighing stand. It turned out to be a fair walk back in to the fields, but they wanted to go. So off we went. We found the huge rhubarb plants and picked a fair share. Back again to the weighing station and home with our soft treasure.

They were professional helpers when we were processing the fruit. And they really loved seeing how much juice was drawn from the rhubarb when we left it over night with the sugar on it.

I think we'll go out again for more rhubarb and some black berries. Hopefully I'll be able to solicit more help from the munchkins next time!

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  1. You CAN get sour cherries here that aren't from Oregon, but they are usually from the Balkans for from Turkey. I did spend time at a country house that had a cherry tree, but they weren't sour. Still yummy though.

    I do so love preserving! And look at that little sneaker clad bum in the bushes! Too cute.