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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Grand Visit

When Dadam found out that he was getting promoted, his dad (G-Daddy) told us that he would like to come out for the ceremony.  Fabulous!  We finally found out when Dadam was pinning on (1September) and let G-Daddy know so that he could make travel plans.  And in the end of August, he came out! 

We were all so happy to see him!  The kids could barely contain themselves and Dadam and I were excited too.  He arrived and we immediately began dragging him around to local sightseeing spots and museums. 

The first day we took him to the Royal Armory in Leeds.  We have been near the building before, but never in.  It was amazing.  Highlights included the tower of weapons and a nearly intact set of elephant armor, the only one that exists in the world!  I think the kids were a bit overwhelmed with information, but the adults found it very interesting and quite enjoyable. 

Next day we went off to Fountains Abbey.  It's some place we have been before and enjoyed.  We listened to a guy talk about keeping bees and then wandered down to the Abbey.  It is an amazing structure and it was really fun to share it with G-Daddy. 

On our way back from Fountains Abbey we drove by Harewood House (the local Lord's Manor).  Just outside the gates were four steam engine steam rollers!!!  They were AMAZING.  I had heard there was a "steam rally" at Harewood that weekend, but had dismissed it as something to do.  Boy was I wrong.  We were all so excited by the steam engines that we decided to go see them the next day! 

There were mini steam engines and big ones.  There were steam engines that had been "modded" to make them more modern.  They had antique cars and miliary vehicles and motorcycles. 

 A mini steam engine.

A full size steam engine.

A steam engine with a more modern feel.

And a really cool old steam roller.  Note the chains used for steering!

Tuesday was Dadam's promotion and G-Daddy's birthday.  It was a nice ceremony and then we went out to a very nice dinner.  The kids were really well behaved and (mostly) sat nicely through the ceremony.  There was one point, during the first promotion going on, that Noodle turned to G-Daddy and said, "I need to use the toilet."  Any other time, G-Daddy would do just.about.anything for any of the kids.  But he turned to her and hissed, "No!"  I knew she didn't need to go, she likes to say she does just so she can get out of whatever situation she feels is uninteresting.  But we got through the promotion without further interruption and it was really nice. 

And Wednesday the kids started school.  I can't belive how much easier it is to get the kids ready for school and get them to school, when there is an extra adult around to help!  We rode our bikes and had a really nice time.  While the kids were at school we had coffee and chatted and did grocery shopping.  We even had the chance to go to Betty's Tea Shop, a Yorkshire tradition.  G-Daddy said he wanted to try an authentic scone to see what they were supposed to taste like.  He told me that when he tried to make them they had turned out pretty dry.  After we started eating our scones, I asked him what he thought.  He revealed that he was interested to learn that scones are just supposed to be dry. 

On the Saturday before G-Daddy went home, we took a fab day trip to York.  We had a lovely breakfast and then headed out to walk all the way around the wall that used to enclose the city.  We also stopped by the Train Museum and had such fun examining and looking at all the trains. 

(It is nearly impossible to get everyone to hold still for a photo!  G-Daddy knows how, though, thank goodness.)

We are so happy that he was able to come over and spend some time with us.  It was so nice to have him here for Dadam's promotion.  All the adventures we had were so much fun.  I think the week after he went, all the kids went though severe withdrawl, as everyday after school he played with them for hours in the backyard.  I know I speak for everyone when I say:  We can't wait to have a Grand visit again!

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