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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our New House Part I

Yes, we've lived here two months already and I am just now, finally, getting photos up of our fantastic abode.  It's different than the other one, much less modern, but I am really, really enjoying it.  The space works well for us AND the location can't be beat. 

 This is the front of our house.  Behind me is a wooded area with a small footpath through it.  There is very little foot traffic on it though and it is a nice quiet area.  In the right side of this photo you can see a gate, that is the access to the backyard.  As we face the house, there is a two car garage to the right. 

 Ta-da, two car garage and gate access to back garden!  This driveway area is where the kids spend hours on their bikes.  It's very safe because there is only one house past ours. 

 In the bottom right corner of this picture is our garage.  Working your way counterclockwise around the picture from the garage can be seen: our house, our neighbor's house and their garage.  You can get a better feel for the amount of space the kids have to ride. 

 Here is our entryway.  The doorway to the right leads into the dining room.  It is perpendicular to a doorway to the kitchen.  To the left is the living room. 

 Here is our cloak room to the left (see allllllll the shoes!?!?!) and the living room. 

 Bah!!!  It is amazing how many pairs of shoes six people can have.  This is the third iteration of my closet organization and I think it may stick this time.  (Before I had the shelves all the shoes were just in a pile on the floor!)

 This is the living room from the doorway of the entry way.  We are looking towards the back of the house.  Usually the large carpet that Dadam brought back from Qatar is on the floor under that main coffee table, but we had a large group of people over for break-the-fast and so we took it up.  You can see the piano in the back of the picture next to the floor lamp. The fireplace is gas and very nice!

 There is a set of doors that open out to the back garden in the rear of the living room.  To the right of the doors is an entryway into the dining room.

 This is the view from the garden doors.  The doorway from the entryway is to the left rear of this photo. The dining room is directly to the left of me here. 

 Entryway to dining room from living room. 

 Dining room!  Big enough for the table (even when extended).  And it has a bay window (to the left in this photo) which looks out on to the back garden.  The doorway to the back right in this photo goes out to the entryway.

 Here is the doorway out to the entryway and we can see the kitchen doorway and study door way on the left.
Here is the dining room from the doorway.  You can see into the living room and see our view to the back garden. 

 This is the study.  It is to the right of the entryway, directly to the right of the kitchen and to the left of the downstairs toilet.  It is the last room to be unpacked, as you can see. 

 Here is the downstairs toilet.  The doorway to the left is the study, the doorway to the right is the front door.

 Looking into the kitchen from the entryway, you can see the study to the right.

 Kitchen, with eat in space.

 The rest of the kitchen.  The window faces onto the back garden.  The doorway to the right is to the playroom.

 Playroom doorway!

 And the playroom.... You can see the small room at the end is the utility room, which faces out on to the driveway.

 The cabinets were built in.  It is soooo nice to have SO much storage in the playroom.

 View from the utility room, down the playroom and into the sewing room.

 The sewing room!  It's fab to have my own space.

 There are doors out to the back garden from the sewing room.  It is lovely to be able to be right there when the kids are playing outside.

The utility room opens on to a small patio where the kids can play and I can hang clothes out to dry.  There is also a back door to the garage.  This patio is where the gate to the left of the garage opens out. 

So that's the first floor and outside done.  Next post: Sleeping Quarters!

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