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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Before we left on our vacation to Windsor, the older three kiddos were invited to our friend's house for a sleepover.  We'll call them the "Scribes".  They have two children; a boy who is Lulu's age and a girl who is The Boy-child's age.  Woah.  I wasn't really sure how I felt about the whole situation. 

We are close with the Scribes and the kids get along really well.  I trust the parents and we like them a lot.  But it seemed really weird to send three of my kids (especially the five year old!) to a sleep over.  I comforted myself with the fact that they were together and reassured myself that if trouble arose, we were a brief five minute drive to where they were staying.

We all had dinner together and then our kids gathered up their stuff and left with the Scribes for the evening.  Noodle was so upset.  I think that made the situation hardest for me.  She did not understand why they were all going with out here, but I knew she was really too young.  So Dadam and I doted on her and tried our best to spoil her just a bit.  We played three different board games and then I think she picked about six nighttime books.  The house was so quiet and it was really strange to have just one little person to deal with. 

The more I think about it, the more I realize the crux of the issue for me was not that the older three were going away, but that Noodle was being left behind.  She has never been without them.  They have been with her since the moment she was born (no, I am not exaggerating.)  And I felt so sad for her that they were going to do something fun and new and she got left behind with us. 

Everyone was fine at the sleepover.  They got to stay up a bit late and had a fabulous time.  I am glad they went.  And the next morning Noodle was just fine.  She was excited to see the kids and I think she forgot being left behind as soon as we went to pick them up.

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