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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More and More and More Snow!

Over the course of the last couple days we've gotten more snow.  Today we got A LOT more!  I dropped off everyone but Noodle at school this morning.  (Noodle has a fever so school was a no go for her.) Then we went to the grocery to get what we needed to make latkes for our first night Chanukah celebrations.  At some point while we were in the grocery, it began to snow.  And by the time we were checking out and making our way to the car, it was snowing extremely hard.  There was so much snow on my car that I had to brush it off before we could make our way home!

I figured that the snow would just knock off.  But it just snowed and snowed and snowed!  I started to get a bit concerned about going back to get the kids.  Just as I got really concerned the snow tapered off.  I did some more work around the house and then the snow started up again!  It was coming down so hard that it was difficult for me to see the bushes in the back garden.  I was about to go and get the kids from school when I got a text that school was closing.  Shew! 

After a very slow drive to the school and home again, I was much happier now that we were all safe at home.  I called Dadam and encouraged him to come home, as the roads were already terrible. 

The kids went out and played a couple of times and the snow kept coming down until early afternoon, when it finally kicked off.  All in all, we ended up with somewhere between 10" and a foot.  Very exciting! 

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