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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sevivon Sov Sov Sov

(The title of this post translates from Hebrew as:  Dreidle turn, turn, turn.)

After school, the kiddos pulled out the big box of dreidles.  They weren't really interested in playing the game that is traditionally played, they were much more interested in simply spinning them.  They were spinning them upside down, trying to get as many going at once, and generally just enjoying them as tops.  What started as one per child, quickly turned in to a non-hostile, complete takeover of the kitchen floor.  Unfortunately, the kitchen is the only room downstairs that has a hard floor(except the laundry room floor and that is almost always covered in dirty laundry/muddy shoes/etc.).  So, I took a break from Shabbas dinner preparation and took some pictures of everyone enjoying spinning dreidles. 

The Boy-child was so proud to be able to spin the dreidle upside down!

Here is Lu-lu trying to get all five spinning at once. 

Noodle is watching this one spin down. 

PrincessE is doing two at once!

After we got all our Chanukias lit, it was time for Shabbas candles.  Tradition is that the woman/women of the house light the candles.  We aren't all about defined gender roles, but since I am the singer of the family, usually I sing/lead the brachas for Shabbas.  Tonight, PrincessE asked if she could light the candles and sing the bracha.  Woah.  She took the matches, lit them (with a bit of a struggle with the matchbox, it was her first time lighting a match) and then beautifully said the bracha.  There she was, back straight, hands covering her eyes, welcoming Shabbat.  I could see her, past, present and future, all wrapped up in that moment.  What a beautiful Shabbat present.

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  1. Helps me remember when you were first singing and lighting candles. I was so proud, my buttons about popped off!