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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh Dear

It is the New Year.  I hope you all have noticed.  I certainly have, as we spent that holiday in London which was an experience all to itself.  But what I have been lacking, as evidenced by December's record, are updates to this blog.  Bleaugh.  I've completely skipped over the last half of December, which includes a fantastic trip to "The South" and sightseeing and visiting.  I also did not post any pictures for yesterday's "Wordless Wednesday."  Thinking back on yesterday, I could have easily snapped a picture of my four little fishes preparing for the start of swim lessons.  But now the moment has passed and I am without.  My words will have to do.  I'll go ahead and blog for current events and it will be your responsibility, dear reader, to go back and see what I have written about the past.  I'll post a note when I get them up.  (Please do not hold your breath too long, as I still have yet to write about our whirlwind visit to America in September.....)  First resolution, catch up on blog completely!

My children do not know how to swim.  This is not safe.  I have been trying to get them into lessons for a while now, it was challenging in NOVA as there were few lessons after school hours and I kept having babies and here in England we were struggling to find someplace that didn't require us to pay a membership fee (on top of the lesson fee).  But I finally found a program that was recommended highly and we could use!  I emailed back and forth with the director and we got a time arranged.  I privately began to panic.  

One of my faults is that I am a control freak.  This can be, ahem, problematic.  I have been panicking quite a bit lately about the kids not knowing how to swim.  I felt very, very uneasy about them lacking this basic safety.  I was really glad to get them registered for swim lesson.  Then I was a bit uneasy about the swim lessons themselves.  What if something bad happend while we were AT the lessons?   I was pretty nervous and asked Dadam if he would come with us the first time, I didn't think I could handle it. 

Of course, Wednesday arrived and it was sheer chaos.  I never even remembered to ask Dadam again, and it turns out he couldn't have come anyway.   I left us plenty of time to get to the lesson, we found our way and got changed and the teachers were amazing!! 

Noodle was quite hesitant, but by the end was definitely getting in to it.  Lu-lu was enthusiastic and excited about everything.  "I put my face all the way in the water!"  The Boy-child was definitly challenged by all the requirements to put his face in, but he is working on it.  "I nearly almost drowned during my swim lesson today when I had to put my face in the water.  But it was fun!"   And PrincessE was amazing and got moved up immediately to a more advanced class.  She did backstroke for a width of the pool and was about bursting with pride. 

It really could not have gone any better.  I am so relieved and happy.  The instructors were fantastic and the kids rose to the challenge.  My mind is at ease.  And they are going to learn how to swim. 

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