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Monday, January 24, 2011

Swim, Swam, Underwater

PrincessE's swim lessons are in the second half hour. This means she gets 30 minutes of swimming around time before her lesson. It also means that the other three get 30 minutes of swimming around time while she is in her lesson.

PrincessE sked me to get in the water with her and we had a very nice half an hour of playing together in the water. Then Noodle, LuLu and The boy child came over. Noodle was feeling ambivalent about the water (okay, she was scared) and so I was working with her. I had her stand on the side and jump in. LuLu was behind me "practicing floating" on her back. I turned to catch Noodle, as she jumped in, and heard a strangled, watery "Mooom". I grabbed Noodle and stepped to where LuLu was all the way underwater.

I pulled her up, spluttering and gasping, and she began to cry. "I was just practicing floating on my back! Just like I practiced in my lesson. The water is the same depth here as it is over there!!!" i said "But what are you wearing during your leason that you arent wearing today?" "Oh. Right. My arm floats."

Oh, Lu. I promise not to run my back on you while we are in the water again. If you promise not to forget you aren't wearing arm floats.

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