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Monday, March 21, 2011

Chag Purim

Purim is our costume holiday. It is so nice for the kids to get to dress up for school. They get so excited. This year (like last) there was a great deal of indecision regarding what to dress up as. I had to finally force them all to make a decision so I had a bit of lead time.

PrincessE and The Boy-child wanted to be Harry Potter and Hermione. I looked online and discovered that the costumes were 22 quid each!!! There was no way that was going to fly. So I decided to make their wizarding robes. I found a little tutorial online, grabbed an old black sheet to cut up and downloaded an embroidery pattern for the Gryffindor house crest. It took me one afternoon to get the robes made up. We braided PrincessE's wet hair the night before so she would have wavy hair. The Boy-child had glasses and a scar face painted on. All sorted.

In the beginning, Lu-Lu wanted to be a carrot. Of course, she changed her mind. She then decided on being a Tooth Fairy. We already had a white dress, but Dadam and I made some tooth shapes to put on the wings, a tooth to go on the front of the dress and we whipped up a tooth wand. She also got some teeth painted on her cheeks.

Poor Noodle got a barfing virus on Wednesday before dress up day on Friday. So she couldn't go to school dressed up. Her plan was to be Tinkerbell. But Friday morning, she asked if she could dress up anyway. And she told us all she was the "Queen of the Uvinersity".

Ahh, Purim done for another year!!

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