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Monday, March 21, 2011

(A)bbey (B)rewery (C)astle

This weekend we had some visitors! My AuntB and UncleM stopped through on their way to a vacation in Israel.

We took the opportunity to have some fun day trips; some places we'd been and some we hadn't.

Saturday we went up to Fountains Abbey. The day started off beautifully, but got cloudy and cooled off. But we still had a fabulous day sharing one of our favorite places.

Saturday night we went and experienced an Orthodox Megillah reading, to celebrate Purim. Last year we attended the same schul for Purim. PrincessE was selected for best costume and she won a prize. But we didn't stay to collect it. This year, before the reading began, the President of the congrgation stood up and asked for the "red fairy" to come and collect the prize he didn't have a chance to hand out last year! He said it had been sitting in his office for a year and that he had wanted to get it to the child to whom it had been awarded. The kids were completely wiped out so we listened to the reading and then headed straight home.

On Sunday we went a bit further north and toured a brewery (we had been to before) and a castle (we hadn't seen before).

That's the brewery we stopped at. It's the Theakston's brewery. Unfortunately, health and safety prevents the kiddos from going on the tour. (Something that clearly disgusted the member of the Theakston's family that we had the pleasure of chatting with.). But we did take the kids inside and had some beer, played some chess and go fish, and made sure we enjoyed ourselves.

We had a picnic lunch in the car and then headed out to see Bolton Castle. Its claim to fame is that Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned there for a few months. Some of the castle has fallen down, but there was still plenty to see and explore. We also got to take part in a birds of prey demonstration (and I do mean take part- we all got a chance to hold a kestrel and an owl!) and take part in a longbow demonstration. (I'll post pictures in the next post.)

We ended our day in the castle gardens, where the kids enjoyed the maze and the adults soaked up the view. I so enjoy these opportunities to share where we live with visitors AND to explore more ourselves!

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