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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Final Four

Dear Princess Noodle,

You outrageous, mouthy, talkative, full-of-energy, hilarious, personality-filled, precocious little thing.  Oh my.  I think there are many stories I could tell about you, examples I could give to prove what sort of child you are, but I think that this simple one will do.  You were at nursery on Friday and one of your teachers from last year asked if you were having a party.  "Yes," you replied.  "Am I invited to your party?" said the teacher.  "No.  But you can give me a card!" 

And that, I think, is you to a tee.  You know your mind.  You are loud and enthusiastic.  You pay attention to Absolutely Everything.  There is not a shy or quiet bone in your body.  You are friendly and happy and incredibly outgoing.  I am sure that you do not think of yourself as only four.  In your mind, I'd guess, you are at least as big as Lulu.  There's nothing "littlest" about you.

Routinely this year, you have begged us for "homework" to do while everyone else is busy with theirs.  I know that beginning Reception in the fall will be an incredibly easy transition for you.  You seem to nearly be ready now.  You've started recognizing letters.  You regularly tell me that you are learning to read.  You know most of the numbers 1-20.  You are starting to learn to ride a two-wheeled bike.  Where has my baby gone? 

I love your laugh.  I love your cuddles.  I love when you wake me up in the morning and tell me that you "love me up to Pluto, the Sun and the Moon."  I love the way you dress yourself (miss matched socks, or tights, with tie-dye shirts or dresses or skirts, all in a rainbow cacophony of colors).  I love how you tell me to have "good sleeps and good dreams" when I tuck you in.  I (mostly) love the way you constantly talk and tell us everything that is going on around you.

Just this week, three days before your birthday, you decided you were going to learn to swing yourself on the swing.  We've all been waiting for this to happen because you could be a bit of a pest when everyone else was playing and you'd want someone to "swing" you.  It was a beautiful day outside, completely blue skies and warm and delicious.  You went outside as soon as we got home, I was fixing up a bite to eat in the kitchen.  I heard you yell, "Mum.  Mooooommmy!  I'm doing it!  I'm swinging myself!"  And there you were.  Taking off.  I came out and you stopped yourself, just so you could show me that you could start again.  You were so proud and so excited.  Just like that, you did it. 

So here we are.  Our Final Four.  It's bitter-sweet, it really is.  I love the toddler years, they have been so fun and amazing with each of your siblings and now yourself.  But I know that there's more amazing adventures filled with laughter and love for all of us to have together.  This next year will see so many changes for you, I know you are ready, I'm excited to see.

Happy Birthday, my Noodle. 
I love you up to the Moon, up to the Sun, up to Pluto and back. 

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