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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Up, Up and Away

I am really familiar with what life looks like with infants and toddlers. Their rhythms lead the day. Sometimes you get nothing done; they might need to nurse or sleep, they might be inconsolable or unable to self entertain, they might need snuggles or songs or book after book after book. Sometimes you might get everything done. What I'm less familiar with is life with Big Kids. But lately, I'm starting to get a glimpse. And I like what I see.

Mondays have turned in to a bugger of a day for us. All the kids have swim; some at four, one at half four. We were getting home at half-five and I was throwing dinner together in half an hour. But now Lu has football from 5:45-6:45!! It's a stress to have dinner together, but we manage.

Last week was the first week of the jam-packed schedule. We got home, snacked Lu and got her on her way to football. I started working on finishing up dinner. PrincessE and The Boy-child both needed a shower. Usually, I actively supervise them in the shower. But I didn't have time this week!! I asked them, please, to head upstairs and take turns in the shower. Up they went, no fussing, no bickering. Lovely. I finished up my immediate tasks and went up to bath Noodle. PrincessE and The Boy-child were all done and dressed.

As I was working on Noodle, it occurred to me that I had two helpers with me. And I had a bit more dinner to finish. I asked them to set the table, wash and trim the asparagus and green beans.

Do you know what?

I was half finished with Noodle in the bath and they came up and said they were finished. And they had done a professional grade job. No fussing, no bickering, everything finished exactly as I asked. I was bursting with pride. And I felt much less stressed.

I like life with Big Kids. It's a whole different world up here.

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