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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teethy Times

About a month ago The boy-child reported he had a wiggly tooth. "So do I! I have a wiggly tooth. Look, Mum." said Lu-Lu. My initial reaction was one of skepticism. When something as exciting as wobbly teeth is going on, it's always somewhat imaginarily contagious. And, the older two were both seven (or at least much nearer to) before they lost their first tooth. However, when I gamely inspected her tooth it wasn't just a bit wiggly, it was really wiggly!! She was very, very excited.

Last week, before Dadam went on his trip, she was wiggling it and wiggling it. She even asked us to give it a little tug. But it wasn't ready. The Boy-child pulled his own wobbly tooth out.

(This is his hockey player impression, as the last missing tooth hasn't grown in and the two gaps line up perfectly!)

But Lu's was holding fast. It got wigglier and wigglier. I couldn't believe the darn thing was still holding on. Last night before football practice, Lu was afraid to eat her sandwich for fear the tooth might fall out!! I tried to pull it, but no dice.

This evening she was doing all sorts of Very Wiggly Tooth tricks. You know, the one where they push the tooth flat with their tongue. Or the other one where they shake the tooth back and forth. I tried again to pull it, but Lu didn't really want me to. So I brushed her teeth and then turned proceedings over to her.

She had only been brushing a few moments when she said, "Augha!". And spit several times into the sink! Thankfully the tooth didn't take a trip down the drain and we rescued it from the sink.

Lu was so excited and shocked that she began to giggle some what hysterically and shake. Once we got the bleeding stopped, she spent a good deal of time examining the new hole in her face.

She was so exited she could hardly sleep and just now when I went in to check on her, she roused up and told me how she "kept sticking my tongue in the hole and feeling it around!"

She is definitely excited and thrilled. I'm just feeling weird having three children loosing teeth at the same time!! Surreality.

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