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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I've Got To Break Free

Memorial Day I did an epic hike.  More on that a different time.  After the hike, I got super sick.  I had a stomach ache for the better (worse?) part of a week.  It was a Bad Stomach Ache.  When it first began I could hardly walk.  I laid in bed for over 12 hours trying not to die.  I thought it was something I had done to myself during aforementioned epic hike.  Nope.  No such luck.  It was a virus and I passed it on to the kiddos. 

This meant that the second week of our two week half term break, we spent hanging around the house while some child or another had a rip-roaring bad stomach ache.  PrincessE shook it in five days.  Lu and Noodle had it only off and on for four.  But The boy-child had it for a week.  And barfed on two separate occasions.  He'd feel okay in the morning, marginal at lunchtime and by the late afternoon he would be sacked out on the couch.  It made going and doing anything pretty difficult.  So we hung out around the house, doing only quick trips to the grocery.  But mostly just being quiet. 

Dadam left yesterday for a ten day trip and weekends are always the hardest as EveryParent.  I knew that I really did not want to be cooped up in the house, again, today.  And I sincerely hoped for The boy-child's sake (and my mental health) that he was feeling better today. 

Happy Day!  He woke up in the morning full of pep and wanting to eat.  By lunchtime he was chasing his sisters around the house and making scary monster noises at them.  I took this as a sign he was well on his way to a full recovery, if not already there.  It was time for some forced marching.  Okay, not marching, just a nice hike.  But if you heard the complaining and fussing that went on, you might have thought it was a march! 

Early reports from PrincessE were that The boy-child did "not want" to go on the hike.  There were also some early and frequent questions regarding approximate length of the hike. But I put on a smile and went to my happy place; thankful to be out of the house and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. 

We saw loads of fun things on our hike.  First there was a fantastic view of Harewood House, the manor whose property we were walking on. 

I know The boy-child isn't looking at the camera. 
It is So Hard to get them all to look at the same time. 

This is a close up of the "house" that can be seen in the background of the kiddo photo above. 

We saw lots and lots of sheep.  The lambs are getting big and the ewes were sometimes less than patient about them stopping by for a quick drink. 

We saw a waterfall, some ducklings and some cows. And as we came around the corner of a field we saw a man herding sheep with a dog!  Noodle was concerned and asked why the farmer was "hurting" the sheep.  I had to explain the difference between "herding" and "hurting".  The boy-child wanted to know why they were herding the sheep and I said I didn't know.  We walked up just a little ways and I saw why they were herding the sheep.  They were shearing them!!!  How I wished that we would have been able to get close to the action.  Unfortunately there were several hedgerows in the way and it was difficult to make out what was happening.  We did get to see them separating the lambs from the ewes and we saw the sheared ewes get dropped back into the field.  Boy did they look different!

As we walked on we came to the part of the estate that has a deer sanctuary.  I wasn't too sure why deer would need a sanctuary; I know they are considered pests in many parts of the US.  But the Harewood Estate website tells me that there are two herds of deer, one type red deer and the other fallow deer.  The reason they have established a deer park at Harewood is because:  there was one in medieval times.   We were all very excited to see a group of bucks lounging close-ish to the road and "posing" for us, as PrincessE excitedly whispered to me. 

We continued our walk and got all the way around, back where we started.  All of a sudden there were no tired legs any more. 

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