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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Warm Enough For Ya?

A heat wave here is any temperature above 70F.  At least that's the way my children seem to feel about the weather.  I feel a bit differently.  The fact that at our favorite park there is a paddling pool which regularly has blue-lipped, uncontrollably shivering children in it, serves only to prove the point that the British have a different sense of appropriate ambient temperature for outdoor water activites.  My children have adopted this sensiblity.  Water fun is just too exciting to leave for warmer days, you'd be holding your breath forever around here. 

Last week we had four days in a row of beautiful weather.  It was between 65 and 73 degrees.  The sun shone all day and there was no breeze.  I held off on the sprinkler, but they begged.  Finally on the fourth, and warmest day, I gave in.  I knew that they'd be in the water about five minutes and then be done.  73 is really *not* warm enough to be comfortable all wet, even if the sun is shining.  But I did manage to grab some cute pictures of them playing in the water before they threw in the towel.  (Or is that *got* in the towel?)

PrincessE quits the water first.  It's hard to keep warm when you have zero percent body fat! 

Noodle and Lu-lu stick it out for more sprinkler fun. 

Lu makes her own game, since everyone else has given up to go get dried off. 

We can only hope we have another few days of summer later on in June and July.  Everyone will be so excited to get in the sprinkler for another five minutes!! 

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  1. Sooooooo wishing, I am, that our weather was like yours. I am melting away in this oppressive heat and humidity. OH oh oh, how I miss the lovely weather in Oregon! Sigh...