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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar

For some reason the kids don't hassle us an enormous amount about helping out around the house. We started letting them help load and unload the dish washer when they could walk and they loved it. Now they just know it's part of the deal.

Lu discovered she could stand at the sink and reach into the dishwater. For a while she played around with the suds and the dish cloth.

She made a "cake" and some "mittens".

Then I had some dirty dishes, so I popped them in the water. And then she was so big and Washing the Dishes! Noodle wanted in on the action and so she pulled up a tall chair at the rinsing side.

Were there ever two cuter scullery maids!?!?? If only these smiley faces will always be what greets us when (in their teenaged futures) we ask them to clean up the kitchen!

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