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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Times They are a Changin'

School is here again.  Just six short weeks ago the kids were out for summer holidays.  We went to Ireland and visited with friends and family from near and far.   All the kids had their first ever experience with summer day camp (so fun!) and just had a great time playing and reading and doing some projects around the house.  Six weeks goes by mighty fast when you are having so much fun. 

But we knew it was coming.  Not only was it coming for The Bigs, but our Noodle joined the fun this year.  Yes, four is early, but here in England, that's how they do it.  It's a play based learning year, so they are doing a majority of learning through play, but there is no doubt that they are doing lots of learning too, as they come out at the end of the year reading!! 

The week prior to school beginning, Noodle had been uncharacteristically ill-behaved.  There had been lots of crying (about nothing and everything, where did my sunny Noodle go?), she had been doing lots of attention-getting-annoying to her brother and sisters, there was even a bit of grabbing, shoving and terrorizing!!  It wasn't fun at all.  I was sure that she was anxious about what school was really like, but she just didn't know how to talk about it.  It all came to a head on Sunday night, when she began sobbing and could barely get herself under control.  She said, "Will they want me to read on the first day, because I don't *know* how to read!"  And I hugged her and said, "Oh, sweetheart, no they don't expect you to know how to read on the first day!"  She wiped her eyes and said, "I can write my name though, will that be good?"  Oh my sweet, sweet OCD child.  More reassuring and lots of patting later, she finally drifted off in to sleep. 

Monday morning we all got up with smiles on our faces and ready to face the new school year!  Yay!!  Here they all are, dressed in their school uniforms:

We got to school and got everyone settled.  Noodle was the last to go in and we got her in to her classroom, where she gave kisses all around, said "goodbye!"  And ran off to play with her friends.  She didn't even look back. 

I had a few obligatory sniffles on Dadam's shoulder in the parking lot before going in to work, but all in all I felt at peace and really okay with the situation.  Noodle is where she should be.  She's ready to fly with the other kids.  I know she's still quite little.  She's only four after all.  But she's growing those wings and doing just fine.  I think I can roll with this change. 

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