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Friday, October 21, 2011


Lu-Lu is shedding baby teeth (or milk teeth as they are called here) very quickly. Just this week, while we were on holiday to The South, she lost two within days of one another. She was So Excited to have two teeth to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy to take.

Thursday was the day we got home from holiday. We woke up at six in the morning, dropped AuntV (who came over to visit and accompanied us on our holiday) at the airport, and headed home. It was a very long day and we were all very ready when it was time for bed.

But Lu was wired. She had put her envelope of teeth under her pillow and could barely contain her excitement about the tooth fairy's imminent visit.

Morning arrived and Lu was up at six-twenty, along with everyone else. By seven, she had rushed in to my room and announced what presents the tooth fairy had brought. A kitty mask and some silly putty, it was a lucky stash and a seriously big hit. She proceeded to play with the putty (sharing with everyone else, too) for the next two hours.

Oh dear. Maybe the tooth fairy should start bringing boring presents? Would that encourage them to sleep in instead of waking up at o'dark-thirty?

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