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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Are We Really Here ALREADY??

Within the last few months, PrincessE (who will hit double digits next month with the advent of her 10th! birthday) began asking me some questions about her development.  Never one to shy away from questions, I've been answering them straightforwardly and openly, hoping to set the tone for her adolescence and the journey from here on out.  She seemed content with my answers, but I felt like I wanted to give her more.  I wanted to give her a book; something she could read at her own pace, digest and begin to understand what is happening and what will happen to her body.  I didn't want her getting misinformation from the school grapevine or any other questionable news source she might be listening to.  I also wanted to giver her a private way to get her information, while still remaining a source for dialogue and answers.  A bit of research later, plus some reccomendations from GranEde and a close friend who works with pre-teen and adolescent kids (Hi, Mrs. Greathearted!), and I ordered a few books from Amazon.  I also picked up some books for me and a book or two for PrincessE on standing up to bullies.

{Side Note:  PrincessE has been struggling a bit socially in her class.  The number of girls is small (there are only NINE in the class) and there are one or two who are Not Very Nice.  Unfortunately, PrincessE and her best friend have become targets for some unpleasant behavior.  We are working with the school and PrincessE to get through this rough time.  I wanted her to know that she isn't alone, other people experience bullying, and I wanted her to have some ideas for how to deal with it and handle this stuation.  She is handling the whole thing with such grace and strength; we are so proud of her. And it is getting better!}

The books arrived and PrincessE has been devouring hers.  I'm not sure that all the information was entirely comforting; she spent last night mulling over the idea of menstruation.  I could tell she was nervous/bothered/uncomfortable by the idea that she has no control over when it starts.  I tried to set her mind at ease, in between getting Lu and Noodle bathed, but I think tonight I'm going to set aside some together time for us to talk without interruption. 

I started to delve in to my books about parenting adolescent girls also.  Let's just say I'm pretty well freaked out and not at all sure how we're going to get through the next decade of our daughter's growing up.  From what I read in the introduction the first ten years was cake!  I've got so many questions and most of them are just going to have to be answered as it happens.  I feel pretty much like PrincessE must:  nervous, bothered and uncomfortable by the knowing that it's going to happen and not being able to control when/how! 

I suppose we all survived the journey, some with more scars than others.  And not only am I still on speaking terms with my parents and sibling, we are all Friends as adults.  That's got to be worth something.  So, chin up, no panicking.  It's time to get those ZenDuckMommy skills mastered (or at least better than now) adolescence is approaching.  I think it may well be a wild ride. 

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  1. Ach, this post has me crying and laughing all at once. Much love to your PrincessE and to you.