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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hairy Situation

The Boy-child hadn't had a hair cut in a really, really long time. Perhaps since the summer? It was very long in back (he has been mistaken for a girl, I don't know how many times, recently) but it was what he wanted. It was also quite long in front and constantly in his face. We had resorted to a top ponytail at swimming and a sweat band at tennis to keep the hair out of his eyes. But he liked it.

Yesterday we had the hairstylist round as The Boy-child and PrincessE needed at least their bangs(fringe) trimmed. But he also said he wanted a bit off the bottom and had pointed to his shoulder.

Mum misunderstood though. And when the haircut was finished, it wasn't alright.

It was too short. Way. Too. Short.

Oh, I do feel horrible. It still sweeps his shoulders (barely) but it is at least a couple inches shorter than it was before. We talked about what his vision for his hair is and what he really wants. I'm now clear on the fact that he Wants Long Hair. So next time we'll just trim the bangs. And thank goodness hair grows back.

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