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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sock It To Me

I have a bad habit of refusing to throw things away. If something, anything, has what seems to be an ounce of usability left in it, I will routinely squirrel it away with the thought that someday, somehow, I will be struck with inspiration and create something amazing. As you've probably guessed, it's mostly fabric and cloth that I exhibit this behavior towards.

The Boy-child also has Belonging Attachment Disorder, but of a different ilk. He just gets attached to stuff, mostly clothing. And doesn't want to let it go. We now send all of the clothes he out-grows to a family in America (Hi, Ms.Joy!!) whether they need them or not. This is mostly because my son wanted, no, needed, to know that his clothes were going to another little boy who we know. It is mostly manageable these days, he's gotten slightly less attached. But recently his All Time Favorite socks got holes in them; his black and yellow striped toe socks which he has had for four years now. There were tears when I told him they were too delicate for me to repair so he could keep wearing them.

We were standing in the kitchen, his chin beginning to quiver from the sorrow for his socks. And I said, "Wait, I can make a stuffed animal for you from these socks! You wouldn't be able to wear them, but you'd still have them." He liked that solution. And the girls all asked if they could each have one too!?!? However, none of them had hole-y toe socks. PackratMom to the rescue, I had some!! I had gotten myself some toe socks when we bought for the kids. And mine had gotten holes at a faster rate, but I couldn't bear to throw them away. I also had a pair of socks my parents had sent. They were so cute! And there was so much useful cuteness in between the holes!!!

Now I had a purpose and a project. And I created the sock aliens.

PrincessE's sea-creature.

The Boy-child's toe socks, now in cuddle form!

Lu-lu's sock animal is called "Angel". 

Noodle's two headed "Glitter". 


  1. You are brilliant!!!! I love the octopus!!! Any suggestions for a pair of cords?? I'm awful. I just can't get rid of my boys' clothes.

  2. Thanks! They were all just on the fly creations. Hmmm, a pair of cords. Are you crafty? They would make adorable bears or other creatures. I'll think on it and get back to you!