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Saturday, February 11, 2012


We are leaving for a family vacation to Rome tomorrow. Yay!

But, being the control freak I am, I'm a bit nervous. I know, erm hope, that everything will be just fine and we'll have a great time. But since it is a foreign culture and a city with tons of tourists, there are some things to be watchful for. I'm okay with that. The kiddos are all old enough that they too should be included in the "things to watch out for" briefing.

Unfortunately, my timing is a bit off and I decided to have this little talk with them while we were packing. It wasn't the packing that was the problem, in and of itself, it's that I had just warned them not to take any clothes that are irreplaceable. There are just a few items that fall in this category (homemade items from the grands and great grands for example) but I know that the el-cheapo airline we're flying is notorious for losing luggage. Like forever. And this would not go down well with the kids.

What I misjudged is that even the thought of losing marginally tolerated clothing caused Noodle to come unglued.

"What if they lose our suitcase?" chin quiver "And all our clothes are in them!?" big eyes begin to pool with tears

After calming her down and a few more minutes of packing, I set off into the Street Vendor Warning talk. We've been warned that the street vendors use their children to trick tourist children in to buying things. It's not nice. The adults distract you and then the vendor-kids drop things or get tourist-kids to hold whatever tchotchke they are selling. Once tourist-kid has a hold of said item, vendor-kid yells "pay us for this item". Not a great situation. And not great for super helpful kids like ours. (Trips to any store always involve scouring the floor for any item that may have ended up there unintentionally. And then scouring the store for where the item belongs or who it might belong to.)

We wanted to warn them not to take anything from anyone. Well, on top of the loss-of-luggage lecture, this was too much. There was silence in the bedroom.

We tried to down play the negative and really stress how much fun it will be. They seemed re-enthused after dinner. I know it will be great, I just want them to be informed and prepared. Maybe my quest for complete honesty could be tempered. No one is ever going to have to file a freedom of information petition about me. That's for sure.

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