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Friday, February 17, 2012

Rome Day Five

By the last day we still hadn't gotten to see The Colosseum. We had tickets and knew we wanted to go, but there's not much we could do about the government wanting to keep people safe. (Important, yes, but inconvenient for us.) There was also no way to check and see if it was open other than heading down and seeing if the doors were open.

After a leisurely breakfast we headed out into the glorious sunshine! A lovely walk and we were at the Colosseum to find: open doors!! Yay! It was a zoo and we were happy to already have tickets and walk to the head of the line. Once inside we made our way around, reading the signs and enjoying the view. There was an extensive temporary exhibit discussing the fire of 64 during which Nero is rumored to have fiddled. There was definitely a massive fire in the city, but it is unclear how it started. The kids were fascinated by the maps and artifacts. It was pretty cool. There were also extensive signs about the games held in the Colosseum, animals used, shows put on and even what the audience did while watch the shows. We were so glad to have gotten in. It was definitely worth it.

After we finished there, grabbed pizza lunch and enjoyed it in the park, we walked down to the massive ruins of the Roman Baths. We have been to a few roman baths here in England. We knew they were important. But we had never seen baths like this. The complex was MASSIVE. The building was built to have 1600 people using it at once. There were two libraries. There were larger than Olympic size pools of fresh water, rooms with under floor heating, heated pools and rooms with workout equipment. Although all the sculpture and marble has been carted off to decorate and create other buildings, there are still large sections of intact mosaic flooring. The bustling business and social center it once was is truly believable.

Then it was dinner time and time to pack up and go to bed. What a week! Rome is incredibly beautiful. The unexpected treasures around every corner made our walks a delight. The history and beauty comes together in a timeless and fascinating city. I'm so glad we had a chance to experience it!

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