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Monday, February 13, 2012

Rome Day One

Got up and SuperDadam got us brekkie from the local corner store. Then it was time to explore. We wanted to go to the Colosseum and surrounding areas, so we started out. Dadam picked up a few caches on the way and it seemed every square held a beautiful fountain or Roman ruin.
We got to the Colosseum and discovered that due to the snow and ice they've had here in Rome (first in 26 years) they've closed all the archeological sites so as to keep tourists safe. (We actually didn't discover this until we were back for the evening, until then we just knew it was closed but didn't know why. They aren't huge on signs here.)
We found lunch and then wandered into the massive monument built to honor the king (Vittorio Emanuele II) who united Italy in the late 1800. There was a regimental museum and a beautiful view over the city.
Wandering further, we headed to the Jewish Ghetto in hopes of seeing the Jewish museum there, but we got there only an hour before close and decided to put that off until day two. We went over the river to Tiber Island, had a lovely walk and grabbed another cache. Back home for pasta dinner and well earned bed. Can't wait for tomorrow's adventures!

Everywhere you look there are Roman ruins.  These at least have a fence around, some of them are just sitting in the open!!

Old Roman building in the Jewish Ghetto. 

Colosseum and Arch of Constantine

Jumping for joy outside the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. 

Hospital on Tiber Island.  There has been a hospital here since Roman times. 

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  1. ROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, how jealous I am!! Definitely on my must go to list!! Sure hope that you have a great time - and that all the vendors leave the kidlets to their sightseeing and a good time. Looks like the tears are gone for now in the "JUMP" photo! (I can't get over how MUCH 'Lu-Lu' looks like GranEde in that pic!! LOVE it!!) Have a wonderful time exploring with your family!!! :)