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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rome Day Two

Super Dadam again made his way out for yummy breakfast pastries and came back with pastries AND feet long-long stem roses. Ooh, he is such a catch! Breakfast eaten we headed out to the Jewish Quarter. There is a museum about the Jewish Quarter in Rome in the basement of the Roman synagogue. The history was fascinating. Rome has had a Jewish community for 22 continuous centuries. They were forced, by papal edict, to live in a very small ghetto between the 14th and 19th centuries and then in the 20th century were victims to an ethnic-cleansing program and the Nazis. However, the community is thriving and in the very early part of the 20th century, they built an amazing and gorgeous synagogue which is still in use today. For security reasons you can only see the schul by private tour, which we took, and which was well worth it. The sanctuary is the most beautiful I have ever seen. It has the only square based dome(the very top of the building) in the city. It was painted the most vivid colors and had marble columns. Oh it was amazing. We weren't allowed to take photos for security reasons, but we did buy a book to share and remember.

We had lunch in the Jewish ghetto at a kosher restaurant, yum. Then it was off to the Pantheon, the most well preserved Roman ruin in the city due to it having been turned into a church. We stopped at Plaza Navona, a gorgeous long oval plaza, blazing in the sunshine, with several massive ornately carved fountains. We wound our way through the tiny city streets and then, as we turned a corner into a busy plaza, the buildings parted and there was The Pantheon. It was breathtaking and amazingly huge. Just amazing. We went inside and checked out the engineering (ahead of its time) because the tip of the dome is empty! It's done that way so there is natural light coming in all the time. They have designed the floor so that the rain drains away. It was absolutely gorgeous.

We stopped at a local coffee shop and then at a fantastic gelatto place. The gelatto was AMAZING and every single flavor you could imagine. After that we wandered around a bit more, seeing some odds and ends hidden and stuck here and there. We ended the day a bit early and just came back to the flat and had some quiet time. What a lovely day.

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