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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bubbles on a Beautiful Day

What to do when it is a gorgeous day outside, but one of your troupe is feeling a bit under the weather?  Well, play outside of course.  But the bikes and trikes and chalk and all that stuff gets old after a while, especially when the ringleader, the idea maker, the entertainement director is the one who isn't feeling up to snuff!

I was working on using up old t-shirts to make a rag rug.  Cutting the shirts into strips, I joined them and made a very long braid (or plait depending on where you are in the world) and then sewed the braid together.  But in the making, I was cutting off the sleeve and body hems of the shirts.  The strips needed to be an even thickness and those hems were just too thick. 

Bubbles be a fun and different thing to do, but we don't have any small bubble supplies in the house.  Big Bubbles would be lots more fun!  But we don't have one of those Klutz book kits.  Hmmm.  More brainstorming.  What we need are large circles of thick material.  It needs to stand up to being wet and be easily manipulated by little-ish hands.  WAIT!  Those circles of t-shirt might just do the trick! 

We made a bucket of very soapy water using Dawn (the best for large bubbles) and I found five or six hems(sleeve and body). And we started making bubbles. It worked GREAT! 

It works!!  Look at my bubble. 

The Boy-child starts a long bubble.

Even poorly PrincessE couldn't resist joining in the fun.

Lulu makes a looooong bubble!

Noodle has got this figured out!

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  1. I love that hat Isaac is wearing!