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Friday, March 9, 2012

Chag Purim

It's that time of year again!! Where we dress up, drink a bit (just the adults, thanks), make a lot of noise and eat delicious cookies. Purim is one of my favorite holidays and I bet you can figure out why!

The cookies we make are called "hamentaschen", which literally means Haman's ears, but the shape figuratively stands for Haman's hat.  They are a bit fiddly to make and require faffing about in the kitchen, which is why (even though they are remarkably delicious) we only ever make them once a year during Purim!  This year we had a fantastic break through in hamentaschen making.  We gave each of the kids a ball of dough and let them have at it.  PrincessE and The Boy-child were professional grade from the go.  Lu-lu and Noodle, as one would expect, needed more hands on, but it went fast!  We made about 60 cookies in 45 minutes.  Me doing it by myself would have taken a lot longer.  I can see that slave labor children in the kitchen will make fiddly cooking like this a lot more enjoyable!! 

Lu-lu and Dadam are hard at work! 

Noodle and The Boy-child pinch the corners up!

PrincessE uses all available workspace!

Our final product!!  Apricot, cherry, blueberry and a few chocolates for good measure. 

Purim fell on a Thursday this year, so the kids had a full day of Megillah reading, Shalach Manot giving and all around fun at school.  We didn't go overboard with costumes this year.  I would have been happy to do more to order, but there weren't any orders!  Maybe next year they'll challenge me a bit more.  

Princess Esther-Noodle

Princess Esther-Lulu

Ron "The Boy child" Weasley

Pirate PrincessE (no, there's nothing wrong with her right eye, she had a scar face painted over it)

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  1. Such great fun! I am curious what kind of dough you use to make your fussy cookies!?! My hub's family is Czech and they make "kolaches" but they are similar - but rolls filled with fruit, also - usually round, and no symbolism to ears and hats... I guess they are nothing alike, except a delicious fussy thing to make with a fruit filling!! HA! Oh, well... would love to see a recipe added on!! :) Looks like costuming was fun, too!