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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Honey Licking Good?

Yogurt is a popular breakfast choice in our household. I purchase plain and the kids flavor it up in whatever way they choose. Sometimes it's Cheerios and apple butter, sometimes they add some honey, you get the idea. It's customizeable, they do it themselves, what's not to like.

The particular morning in question, I got them set up with yogurt and left them to top it while I ran upstairs to get ready to go. They had out the honey, which comes in a lovely plastic squeezable container, with a flip top lid and a split membrane over the top to make the whole operation a lot less messy.

When I came downstairs I caught the tail end of what I was fairly sure was Lulu licking the honey bottle, where the honey comes out.

"What were you just doing?"

"Nothing." Old blue eyes responded.

"Please tell me the truth. It looked like you were Licking The Honey."

"I was. But The Boy-child told me to do it!"

"If he told you to play in the street, would you?"

"Well, they were all doing it too!!"

I asked Noodle and The Boy-child if they were also licking the honey. And yes, both answered in the affirmative.

"But I wasn't licking it, I was just dripping it into my mouth!!" The Boy-child protested, trying to defend his mouth to honey actions.

Noodle had no defense. She just looked mortified.

"Urgh!! Germs, gross, your mouths Do. Not. Belong. On. The. Honey!"

Now they are all on honey probation. I'm not sure how long that will last, but now I know that no one else can use that particular container of honey. Well, except for those three lovely children.

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