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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holland Adventure - Part II

Our time was done in Amsterdam, but we were off to see some other parts of Holland.  We drove out to Zaanse Schans, which is a windmill museum, of sorts.  There are ten or so working windmills and they were amazing to see.  It was a technology that drove the Dutch economy, but has completely fallen into disuse.  They are gorgeous to see working and we even got to tour the inside of one that is used to grind pigment for paints.  It was amazing!

After wandering around the windmills in the sunshine, we headed off to the Keukenhof for a walk through the gardens!  The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and we were all amazed at the variations!  We walked through three display halls and they were packed with display after display of tulips, day lillies, orchids, you name it!  And the colors!  And the smell!!  It was amazing. 

We headed down to the Hauge for our last night in Holland and spent the next day (Noodle's Birthday) exploring Madurodam, which is an amazing minurature city.  There was a tiny Amsterdam and a tiny aiport, there were farms and motorways, there were interactive parts.  The kids really enjoyed "putting out the fire" on a boat on the tiny harbor.  It rained on us the whole time, but it really was fantastic.  Lu even said to Noodle, "You are so LUCKY you got to go here for your birthday!"  It wasn't really for Noodle's birthday, it just happened to coincide. 

That night we got on the ferry back to England.  It had been a fantastic trip.  We watched the boat cast off from the harbor and tucked into bed for the night.  What fun Holland was!! 

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