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Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are the Children of the Empty House

The children are finding the empty/boxed up house endlessly fascinating. I pretend like I don't know why, but I really do. It's so exciting to see a space that you know so well, turned upside down and into a landscape that is all at once familiar and strange. Spaces open up to worlds that couldn't be explored when they were full of stuff. Hiding is infinitely more interesting. And there are rooms and rooms in which to do whatever ones heart desires without the concern of bumping into things or knocking them over.

We officially began the packing up process on Monday, when the movers arrived and began putting the household goods into boxes. But we had spent a good few weeks prior organizing and cleaning and preparing.

Last weekend I had the kids helping as much as possible to organize and separate. Though for everything they did, they managed to undo twice as much. I would ask them to put a toy into a pile and later I would discover the pile had been undone and the toy was back in circulation. We persevered through and managed to be fairly organized when Monday arrived.

I did want them to be at school while the packers were here. It makes life so much easier for the adults doing work, but I was unsure as to how they would deal with only seeing glimpses of the massive changes going on.

They dealt with it magnificently. When we arrived home on Monday, squeals of delight rung through the house and they ran from room to room to inspect the boxes. They were so excited! Everyday, as soon as they come out of school, they begin peppering me with questions about how many rooms are packed/empty/how much of the truck got packed/what is happening now!?!? We've had extensive dinner conversations about the whole moving process to include crates, trucks, boats and how all our stuff will see us again in California. It is clear that knowledge is power.

They are enjoying the whole experience and embracing it with enthusiasm. And that is comforting and reassuring for me. As far as they are concerned this experience is A) completely normal and B) massive amounts of fun. There's much to be thankful in that.

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  1. You have an interesting blog I like the idea and hope your move goes well I myself am trying to move with my husband and 3 year old boy let's just say it can get chaotic and stressful. Safe travels to you and your family.