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There are four of Them: three girls and one boy, little stair-steps all. There are two of Us: best friends, co-parents and truly in love. The Six of us have epic adventures full of laughter and love, occasionally containing tears, but always together.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday

The Boy-Child wanted a Harry Potter themed birthday cake (again!).  So Dadam and I had to come up with something a bit different this year.  We went for the Hogwarts crest and I think it came out pretty darn good.  Thank goodness for Dadam's steady hand with the icing.  He did an amazing job! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Niner-Niner: We have a Birthday

Dear Boy-child,

Another year, another series of transitions.  Does it ever end?  I think sometimes you'd like that.  It would be best, in your mind, if we could all just stay the same forever.  It's not a bad thing, just an observation.

This year's transition seems to have been hardest, of all the kiddos, on you.  You continue to grow out your hair and seem unfazed by the nearly daily references to you as our fourth "little girl".  You struggled when we had to leave every place we stopped this summer.  You were saddened by drive-bys of my childhood homes and brought to tears when we talked about leaving.  Change is not your friend, my boy.  I know you see change as an adversary and something that causes you to loose control.

In spite of all that, you are doing okay.  School has not been an easy transition for you, but because of your general laid back demeanor you've not been too outwardly affected by it.  You probably don't enjoy much of the academics, it's too easy or they're asking you to do something you dislike (like writing), so you're not really having a good go of it.  But we're working on learning to jump through the hoops and encouraging you to find the good parts where you can.  And mostly you come home from school happy and happy to be home.

We have had some struggles with homework.  The fact is, you've had a really hard time focusing on getting it done.  In England you only had homework once a week, given out on Friday.  Here there is homework everyday BUT Friday!  And it's not one or two pieces either.  I despaired during the first two weeks of school when it took you hours to get three pieces of homework done.  You've managed to buckle it down a little and I am crossing my fingers that your attention span grows and FAST!

I suppose this sounds a bit like you've been morose and unhappy, which is not at all the case.  Your lively, loud, punny sense of humor has only been developed further this year!  You love to laugh and find all sorts of hilarious points in everyday life.  You also love a good joke and have been experimenting with writing your own.  Those mostly end with silence from the audience and you saying,  "Get it?  Do ya get it??"

We haven't yet found an after school program for you.  I feel a little overwhelmed, what with all the homework you've been struggling with and then the three times a week Hebrew school, I'm not sure where we would fit it in.  I think you miss tennis and I hope we can get you involved in a sport after school in the near future.

You've found friends at school and you've enjoyed learning basketball, handball, and playing variants of each of those games.  You also decided that the trumpet would be your instrument of choice and so you've attacked that with abandon.  It's been fun to listen to you play and practice.  I think you're going to be good at it!

Since your birthday was so soon after arriving this year, we offered to take you to LegoLand instead of having a party.  You jumped at that opportunity and so we went as a family and enjoyed the day together.  It was a great day and I think you really enjoyed picking which rides we went on.  One thing you haven't learned to love yet are the roller coasters, so it was slower paced rides for you.  But that's okay.  It's important you learn now to listen to that little internal voice and do what it says is right for you!

I think that nine years old is going to be a big adventure for you.  There's lots to learn in this new land and lots to enjoy.  I hope that school settles down for you and that you find a place where you can learn and enjoy.  I hope that Dadam and I can facilitate that by providing a secure place at home, where you can be yourself, learn and grow, and play as much catch as you want to.  (Which will always be way more than Dadam or I would like to play.)

One more thing, I sincerely hope in the next year that you can find some other books you love as much as Harry Potter.  I think you've read the whole series five times now and maybe, just maybe, there are other literary pursuits worth looking at??

I love you so much, Brother Bear.  I love your snuggles and I love your humor.  I love hearing your questions about the world and I love seeing you explore and enjoy.  I can't wait to see what new door this new adventure opens for you.

Happy Birthday, Boy-Child!