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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Couched in Destruction

When I was a kid we had some MARVELOUS living room furniture.  They were molded foam chairs, that could fold out into beds.  They had no wood, no screws and no hard bits, other than the zippers on the bottoms that held the covers on.  They would easily fit two adults on them, so they were no small peanuts.  And we loved them.  We would turn them on their sides and fold out the bed part, they would become a cave.  We scooted them close and climbed to the top.  We mangled them and scooted them and carried them around.  They were the best living room furniture ever.  The other bonus was that we lived in a house with a massive living room and so there was tons and tons of rooms for all these shenanigans.

We, unfortunately, have traditional living room furniture.  I look at it and compare it to the creative heaven that was my childhood and I am sad that my children do not know the wonder that is molded foam furniture.  (Just based on the ability for creative play, not based on aesthetics.)

I shouldn't have been so sad.

This is what my living room looked like this morning:

These are the signs I found posted on some bedroom doors:

And this is what I found inside the bedroom:

Creativity will overcome the adversity of traditional furniture every time!  

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