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Friday, January 11, 2013

Self Publishing

We've always made a practice of making pencils, coloring supplies, and paper available so the kids could write and create as much as they wanted. This has resulted in some pretty adorable stuff.

PrincessE announces a "secret meeting".  This note was in the upstairs hallway.  Clearly her OpSec (Operation Security) needs some work.  

This little booklet was written by LuLu.  Inside is a list of things, presumably that she has seen.  

PrincessE also started publishing a weekly newsletter.  She scores massive points for the fact that it has a title, date and is actually a layout you might find in a newspaper.  One of my favorite aspects is that the article about the power going out is called "Electric Shock".  What a punny kid!

Noodle's note is for GranEde and GranDude.  
"Der Graneedee and Granddood wut did yoo doo on thrsda"

There is one person that is absent from this litany of creative and adorable writing samples. Yes, TheBoyChild is the one who usually isn't writing and doesn't really favor coloring.  That's fine, we understand that everyone has different interests.  But sometimes, he does come up with, well, interesting examples of using his drawing creatively.  

Exhibit A:   

This lovely picture was on the back of a "holiday card" TheBoyChild was asked to make at school.  The inside is a snowflake and it says "Happy Holidays".  Apparently, he was tired of the holidays......

(I had mixed feelings about sharing TheBoyChild's work.  For one, it's a bit violent.  Second, what the he*& was he thinking?!?!  Third, it's really sort of funny in an uncomfortable way.  And I think he may very well have been tired of all the fuss about Christmas; it's a bit of a culture shock to come from an entirely Jewish school to a school where you are in a tiny minority.  Lastly, and I hesitate to use this to explain away too much but it's appropriate here - he is a Boy, after all.) 


  1. Haha! Sorry, I know it's not really funny, but TheBoyChild's drawing is great. I wouldn't worry about it. He's probably just being a kid.

  2. I agree - boys are definitely different from girls! Our favorite "holiday" card was from our Boy 1 in kindergarten or 1st grade. He brought home a "spring" card on which he'd colored the pre-printed bunny rabbit, flowers, & basket of eggs. The inside read, "Dear Mommom & Pop, I can hardly wait to celebrate Passover with you." Love it!!

  3. Haha, I also love the TheBoyChild's drawing. A lot of creativity going on there; boys will be boys :)