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Monday, February 25, 2013

Guerrilla Swing

We are incredibly, absolutely, amazingly lucky to live with our backyard bordering a beautiful public park.  We are the last house that backs on to it, so it is quiet and very few people come down to our little end corner.  Our house also has a gate in the fence, so it is convenient to send the kids not only to the back yard, but to the climbing trees and grassy area in the park beyond.

(Looking out from our yard to the park.)

Around the end of the deck, to our gate out.  

For a long time now, the trees in the park have been calling out to me that they need a tree swing.  They would be perfect.  But I know that it is public property.  I know how cities have become paranoid about people putting up "dangerous" things.  

So I decided we needed a Guerrilla Swing, something the kids could easily put up and take down by themselves, something low cost.  Dadam and I got to work and we came up with a double-d-ring rope system, with a board for a seat.  Easy to put up, easy to take down.  And it works beautifully!  

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