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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sixth Year of Noodle

Dearest Noodle,

You continue to be incredibly precocious. Most adults who meet you are drawn in to your orbit by your adorable wide smile and open friendliness. You say hello to everyone on campus, as you run by on your way to kindergarten. Many people stop me to comment on how adorable you are. And you are. And you know it.

Dadam and I are constantly amazed/frustrated by your confidence which brims to the top and overflows. You know you can do anything, even if Mumma asks you to stop more than once. You are sure of what you know, but when you don't know out come the "why?" questions until you understand.

You are never, ever, never quiet. You talk non stop, narrating every single thing we see and do and asking questions the whole way. The other day we took a hike and you hung back with Dadam and I and just talked. Forever. About dogs and bugs and straw and cars and the sun and geocaching and what had happened at that spot when we were on our way down the hill. "Right, mom? Don't you think?" It's adorable and maddening all rolled up. Come to think of it, that's you too.

You are mind numbingly slow to eat. It's not because you are talking, there are too many voices at the table for that. No, it's because you are savoring every tiny bite and staring at the ceiling and having long involved conversations with yourself about what song you should sing next.

Sometimes your fussy-ness is nearly too much to bear.  There are certain outfits that you want to wear over and over and over again.  You lean towards dresses and froo-froo outfits and you really dislike getting dirty or wearing clothes that are stained.  It's actually a bit of a problem because you aren't the neatest eater!

You are a voracious reader. This spring you turned the corner and became a self reader. You'll now sit down and read chapter books to yourself. More than once we've had to empty the book stash under your pillow; you like to have them handy for reading when you wake up in the morning.  Of course, you still love to be read to and we are slowly making our way through The Little House on the Prairie series.  I am sure you will be thrilled to discover that we can read every night during summer vacation.

And hiding amongst all this outgoing, sure of yourselfness, is an amazingly giving and caring little girl. We saw a young lady at the Lowe's who was missing her arms and you turned to me, with tears in your eyes and said how sad you were for her. We talked about how her life was rich, even though she looks different, but I think your heart was still heavy. You often help some of the Down's syndrome students in the class with their sign language or to complete tasks. And you are so proud to help.

You are thrilled beyond belief to finally be heading to First Grade in the fall.  I recently overheard you tell PrincessE that you had been in Kindergarten for four years.  I'd bet it feels like that to you!

I can hardly believe that our "baby" is six years old.  Just yesterday you began to walk and talk, just yesterday you were a Baby.  But now you are six.  Six; two hands and more than several handfuls.  I love your laugh, I love your questions, I love your learning and your innocence and You.

Happy Birthday, Noodle.

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