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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Balanced Approach

Ever heard of a slackline?  I hadn't, until our friend, MrMom, brought one over and shared with us. 

It's a four inch wide piece of heavy duty webbing, which is latched around two trees and pulled fairly tight. Then you (attempt) to balance not fall off. It has some give and tends to shake when you are on it. 

But it is fun!!

MrMom has two boys, Enviro and Fearless. Fearless is just a toddler, so sometimes MrMom has to balance Fearless with helping out a kid or two on the slackline. 

On the last day of school MrMom brought Enviro and Fearless to the park along with his slackline. And we made a giant "V" shape amongst the trees. 

PrincessE and MrMom with Fearless. 

You can also sit and bounce on the slackline if there's no adult to help you stand and balance. Here are Enviro and Lu-Lu and Noodle doing the bounce. 

Of course, the tree can help with balance too!  

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  1. You know in India,walking a slackline is a professio?